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Dear Clients,
Please do NOT come for the treatment if you are sick or feeling unwell.
In this case please contact us on or text to 0852365820 and you can book another appointment. 

Dear Clients!
Please use the online booking menu in order to book appointment. No appointment given via phone. If you have questions please send email. Thank you for your understanding.
Please note, if you cancel your appointment within 24 hours the 10 EUR cancellation fee will be applied! If you need to cancel your appointment you can do it minimum 24 hours before your appointment for free of charge via email, text message or online. (01/08/2012)
Please note that the Charlie's Renewal Massage Centre does not provide pregnancy massage. You also will not get treatment if you are sick, have pacemaker, have high blood pressure, have cancer, have chronic diseases or have broken members. Thank you for your understanding. (31/12/2011)
 Before any purchases or bookings please read
Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy in the
"Online Booking 1st Step" menu. (01/10/2011)

  If you have questions please send email to and we will respond within 24 hours.

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